a digital solution to streamline flyer posting

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out with the old, in with the new

  • no cluttered mess of cork boards
  • no more hours lost walking around posting flyers up
  • wasting paper is a thing of the past

digital boards, digital content

  • brighten your flyers with animations
  • draw more attention with embedded slideshows and gifs
  • smarti animations to triple a boards live space

all from your computer

  • 1. design a flyer
  • 2. select the boards you want to post it to
  • 3. upload

it's simple! You can also edit your flyer whenever, and expired flyers automatically delete themselves.

The Team

Kyle Hornick

Business operations. Absolute animal.

Grant Kochmann

Front end software engineer. Second tallest person on the team. Newly single.

Max Evans

Front end software engineer. Design genius. Believes math is everything

Evan Reierson

Back end software engineer. Working on creating fastest database this side of the Mississippi.

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